• My Brand

    My Brand

    What is a player’s coach?

    A” Players coach” is someone that can rally their athletes in order to get them to reach heights they never knew was possible. In sports, the relationship between the player and coach is a sacred one that is supportive, honest, patient, & goal-oriented! These are the same characteristics that are valued in a therapeutic setting. When you and your therapist are on the same page, you can move mountains! It’s this similarity that I see in sports which led me to call myself “The Players’ Coach”!

    The story behind the brand.

    Growing up, I didn’t have too many coping skills. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t until college that I realized what a coping skill was! At the time, I didn’t know it, but sports was my form of coping because it allowed me to temporarily escape some of the frustrations and stress I had as a teenager. As a result, sports not only became my outlet, but it became how I would relate to the world! Day in and day out, I would go to practice with the hopes of becoming a better athlete. But to do this, I had to have a great coach, someone who I could trust and someone who knew what it’d take for me to reach my goals. A coach, but specifically a “Players’ Coach” is a person that can rally their team to reach levels of performance that they never knew existed! When you think of some of the greatest athletes of all time like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, or Tim Duncan; they all had great coaches supporting them: Phil Jackson, Bill Belichick, & Gregg Popovich. As a therapist, I’m going to push my client’s to reach their full potential just like these phenomenal coaches pushed their athletes to be the best version of themselves! I want is to see my clients win and in order to do that, we schedule sessions to go over techniques to improve different areas of their life! Last, and most importantly, the concept behind this brand is inspired by the organic & trusting relationship between a coach & an athlete. Just like in sports, the relationship between the therapist and client is crucial and could be the defining factor in reaching our goals!