• My vision

    My vision

    Supporting Mental health & wellness.

    “I need to see a dentist” is a phrase that millions of Americans use everyday without thinking about what others may say. It’s what we would call “normal”. My vision is to make the phrase, “I need to see a THERAPIST” just as common as it is to see a dentist or any other medical professional. In a time where depression, suicide, self harm, & mass shootings are on the rise, mental health is a conversation that we can no longer avoid! My goal is to encourage every person that I meet, to take that first step in asking for help and not feeling ashamed of doing so. One thing that I’ve learned while working in this field is that once we step outside our comfort zone, we begin to live the life we’ve always wanted! Are you ready for that life? If you are, contact me so that we can get you on your way!

    Phillip Wells
    Therapist, Registered Mental Health Intern

    “Everyday, we make a choice to either sacrifice our growth or our comfort. Which will you choose today?”

    – Phillip –