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    I attended one of Phillip's mental health presentations. He shared very valuable information that will help me with my mental health journey. He's an amazing therapist!
    Sharity B.
    Takes a methodical, well-crafted approach in the therapy sessions I've had. I have immensely improved my life since starting therapy with The Player's Coach and I highly recommend others to find help here if they need it.
    Grant C.
    He is a great listener and does a great job of conveying the information!
    Trevel B.
    Great!! Very detailed and extremely helpful!
    Brian C.


    About Phillip Wells, Therapist

    Hello! My name is Phillip Wells and I’m originally from Columbia, South Carolina, and I currently live in Miami, FL. My desire to enter mental health was due in large part to the mentors that I had in my life. From high school, through college, and even now, I’ve had a stream of black male figures that have provided me with the guidance & confidence to find my calling and to pursue it without fear. I would later move down to Miami to pursue my dreams of working as a counselor and becoming a voice in my community!

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    Core values


    Educating my clients is instrumental in regards to the therapeutic process. I value taking the time to inform my clients about the reasons “WHY” they are experiencing the negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that have brought them into my office. I also value educating them on “HOW” we can overcome these struggles.


    Through encouragement & steady coaching, I push my clients to reach new levels of healing, happiness, & performance. Here, I truly become “The Players’ Coach” and guide you as we begin taking actionable steps towards your goals.


    Therapy is a liberating process!! Breaking the chains of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, & etc. will be an experience like none you’ve ever witnessed. I provide strategies and insight that my clients will be able to use once our sessions are complete thus, leaving a lasting impression.

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